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Fully integrated to your Cybertill EPoS, Data-stream, takes your e-commerce business to another level, with a complete suite of ecommerce and marketing tools out of the box.

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Advanced e-commerce solution

GDPR – How Data-Stream can protect you!

Cybertill GDPR advise
Like most, your website will collect customer data, newsletter, registration or form submission, we all gather data, as such from 25th May 2018 the new GDPR regulations come in to force. From this date you will need to

  • Require Consent from users
  • Permanently delete & forget Users
  • Provide ANY data you hold on a user
  • Provide user with ALL data you hold in a transportable method

Fortunately at Data-Stream we have planned ahead, and with the release of v11 we have a new module that provides a single resource to look for a user, delete data, and provide an output file in either user readable or portability on request.

With fines of 4% of your global turnover, this is not a requirement to miss.

The GDPR has also been called “possibly the biggest challenge to business this decade.” Frankly, we would change possibly to certainly and extend it from this decade to this century.

Yes, that means it’s bigger than the Great Recession, because the GDPR is a fundamental change in the business environment that requires equally fundamental and system-level adaptations at every affected company.

No matter how small or large your business, and if you are a Cybertill customer, you will have data throughout your system, we understand Cybertill and can help you meet the requirements of GDPR